The final training for Appraisers for this tournament year will be held this  Saturday, February 13th at 20160130APPTRN-264-X3Pennacook’s Merrimack Valley Middle School, 14 Allen St, Pennacook, NH.

Appraisers evaluate the solutions of the 300+ teams in the Granite State that take part in Destination Imagination.

Each team recommends a kind, creative person to be an Appraiser (generally volunteering not on the same date/meet as the team competing). You know the type of person you would want – THAT type – and we’ll train them!

For those who attend the training – be ready to have fun and learn!

For more information, visit our Appraiser Center or our Ask NH-DI page.


8:15 – 8:45 AM   Check-in for New Appraisers / Rising Stars Appraisers

9:45 – 10AM        Check-in for Appraisers changing roles

Pizza will be available for lunch; purchase is during check-in

12:30-12:45         Check-in for veteran Appraisers

3:30 The day ends.

More questions? Click to our Ask NH-DI page.