Mariah Maki, Valedictorian

Mariah Maki was NH”s most recent Global Finals Valedictorian and among DISC global scholarship winners. Join her!

Thanks to your support this past year, DISC (Destination Imagination Support Committee) will offer up to $24,000 in scholarships to deserving candidates.

In 2015 the DISC Scholarship Committee received 45 creative scholarship submissions from 15 different affiliates & awarded $16,000 to 16 applicants from 11 affiliates, plus $1000 to the top scoring Founders Award applicant.  DISC also contributed $3,250 towards the scholarships for the 2015 Valedictorian and DI Scholars.
The DISC Creative and Founders Award Scholarships deadline is: March 1, 2016.
To be eligible, Scholarship Applicants:
• Should be graduating from high school or currently pursuing a post High School degree in a Trade School, Community College or University. They must be accepted at a college/university or other post-secondary educational institution and planning to attend in the school year 2016-2017. Proof of acceptance will be required before award can be disbursed.

• Must have participated in one of the creative problem solving programs that Destination Imagination has sponsored, as a team member and/or in a volunteer capacity.

• Should be actively continuing his or her involvement in Destination Imagination in some capacity, either as a team member or as a volunteer.
Participants from our international affiliates are welcomed and encouraged to apply, but should realize we do require the materials to be presented in English as we do not have translators available. Awards to international applicants will be paid to the learning institution in US dollars.
For the DISC Scholarship search, it is the applicant’s CREATIVITY and involvement that are deemed most important. We want to see our applicants use their creativity and divergent thinking! The most weight in our scoring is applied to the creativity and usefulness of the solution to our challenges, and the past and continued involvement of the applicant
The two Creative Scholarship tracks you may choose from are “Marketing” and “Tool”.  Applicants can also apply for the Founders Award, established in recognition and appreciation of the founding members of VOMBO, the first booster organization for DI.
Goto: for 2016 DISC Scholarship Details and Application Instructions
The New Hampshire Destination Imagination Scholarship information will be posted shortly. This is a separate opportunity!