20150131AlumApp-16New Hampshire Destination Imagination works because of people who are willing to volunteer their time to help Granite State students achieve amazing things. Saturday, over 250 people were trained to appraise the creative solutions that will be presented by student teams at Destination Imagination competitions starting in March. These solutions are complex answers to STEAM-based Challenges (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) as teams hope to advance to State Affiliate Finals and ultimately, Destination Imagination Global Finals to compete with teams from around the world.


None of this is possible without the Appraisers, who appraise the team’s solutions. Many of  New Hampshire’s Appraisers are alumnae – who were once on teams when they were in school. Now, their “real jobs” range widely, including science, education, medical fields and the arts, and they are giving back.


Appraiser training ranged from education of the rules and Challenges, to learning the elements of situational management and critical thinking teams learn through a DI year.

Next Saturday, additional appraisers will be trained in Berlin.