NH-DI will need a new design for this year’s T-shirt and pins, and we’ve decided that the DI kids of New Hampshire would be the best possible source for some highly creative ideas!

Can the members of your DI team come up with a winning design concept? If so, please ask your kids to enter our T-shirt and Pin Design Contest!

Here are the rules:

  1. Entries must include a design concept for a T-shirt and a set of pins. The T-shirt and the pins should all fit into a theme. What is that theme? We’ll leave this part up to your team!
  2. Teams don’t need to provide finished artwork! A rough sketch accompanied by a description would be just fine! But you WILL need to scan it, so you can send the entry to us via email.
  3. The team that submits the best design concept will win a FREE set of T-shirts and pins for the entire team!
  4. All entries must be emailed to by November 1, 2014. Please make sure that you identify both the team and the Team Manager in your email!
  5. We have a bonus gift for Team Managers! The manager of EVERY team that submits an entry will receive a special FREE T-shirt when they attend one of our Team Manager training workshops (either the Newbie Workshop on October 25, or the Team Manager Cafe on November 22). If your team submits two or more entries, your co-manager will also receive a free T-shirt if they attend a training workshop.

Get your kids to start thinking! We’re ready to be blown away by their ideas!

Note to teams: You may submit as many entries as you’d like before the November 1 deadline. However, if your Team Manager is planning to attend our Newbie Workshop on October 25, you’ll want to email us at least one entry BEFORE that date, so your Team Manager will be able to receive their free T-shirt. These special T-shirts will also be available for sale!