After a few trips to Global Finals they were tired of watching Texas win big, so they took winning Global Finals into their own hands – and took first place at the World’s largest creative thinking and problem solving competition.

The team members started DI in 4th grade. Team members Blike, Alteva, Morgan and second Blike started at Grantham Village School and their fifth team member, Ticehurst, started at Seminary Hill elementary in West Lebanon. Team Manager George Blike is a long-time parent volunteer and with team since 2005. The five person team has been together for 8 years. Only one member, Geoff Blike, is a senior.

The Central NH Improv Troupe has gone to Globals each of last 5 years, either with Londonderry (4) or one year with Pinkerton, always competing for NH in the Improvisation/Storytelling Challenge. Team has consistently placed in top 20 at Global Finals overall, but resolved lower Instant Challenge scores to not only break into the Top 10, but take #1.

It has definitely been a journey- fun, funny, delightful, creative, skill-building, educational and always challenging! Each team member has become most skilled at creatively thinking on their feet and under pressure and especially at working together as a unit. We all recommend becoming part of NH DI and staying in!

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