Preliminary tournament schedules for the Littleton, Nashua, and Kingston regional tournaments are now available! You’ll find a link to the schedule on each tournament’s home page:

NOTE: Please check back for updates to the schedules.

As soon as the preliminary schedules for the remaining tournaments are available, they’ll be published on the home page for each tournament:

We will also post two-hour volunteer assignments on each tournament’s home page shortly before the tournament.

NEW: Parents and Team Memebers can download the “How To Watch a DI Challenge”.

Please check your team’s listing in the preliminary schedule, and contact your tournament director immediately if there are any issues:

The performance times listed on the preliminary schedule could change, so you’ll also want to check the printed schedule as soon as you arrive at the tournament.

If your school has more than one team, it can be difficult for supporters to identify the correct team if they don’t happen to know the team number. That’s why we’ve created a downloadable Performance Info Form that you can give to everyone. Simply enter your team’s information on the form, and print a copy for each family!