Over 800 New Hampshire students will find using their creativity to solve complex challenges in science, technology, the arts, math, science and social learning a bit easier this week. Over 120 team managers, the volunteers who facilitate Destination Imagination teams were trained to leverage these skills Saturday at Merrimack Valley Middle School in Penacook.


“Destination Imagination is the ultimate ‘kids hands-on, adults’ hands-off’ extracurricular program”, according to NH-DI Affiliate Director, Jill Schoonmaker.

“Today we were taught our volunteers methods of brainstorming, problem-solving strategies, teamwork and other skills needed to empower out student team members in applying their creativity to drive results.”

Each year in DI, teams of up to seven students pick one of several Challenges, each with a different core focus. All Challenges support national learning standards that prepare students to enter a diverse and changing workforce.

NH-DI would like to thank Merrimack Valley Middle School for allowing us to hold our training in their excellent facility.