The NH Destination Imagination team at Bedford High School recently inducted all 5 of its junior team members into the National Honor Society (NHS) at Bedford. This is a fantastic achievement for a team that is coming off a recent trip to Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee (the team’s third). All of the members are excited for this year, and they plan on doing the challenge In Disguise.

Team “Duct Duct Tape” is made up of DI veterans. Lydia Lawrence is the most experienced, with 10 years of DI under her belt; Jackie Valeri has 9 years; and this is Jenna Lecours’s, Jessi Dalrymple’s, and Rachel Collins’s 8th year of DI. Rachel says about DI, “DI has and always will be something I look forward to each week. It allows me to use skills that aren’t focused on in school such as creative problem solving and leadership.”

Though finding time for meetings every week has become more challenging as the members have gotten older, the team manages to work around sports, music performances, jobs, and volunteering commitments, as well as excelling in school. Jenna says, “I think it’s really great that we can all work really hard at school and then go have fun at DI without putting any less effort into the other.” It is difficult to find time sometimes, but the team believes that DI teaches really valuable life skills.

The credibility of this belief is reflected in their recent induction into NHS. Team member Jessi says, “DI challenges me to step out of my comfort zone and discover talents and passions I wouldn’t have known otherwise. NHS seems to share a similar mission in pushing students out of their box.” Congratulations to team Duct Duct Tape on their induction to NHS and good luck competing this year!

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