Social media is used over 85% of the nation – and many nations – according to research by marketing company Experian. Not everyone is comfortable creating their own “brand” on social media, and that’s okay. That doesn’t mean you can’t use  free tools to listen to social media. Although, it is harder to shut a lot of the unwanted “noise” without an account.

New Hampshire Destination ImagiNation shares information on our Facebook pages and our Twitter pages (@NH_DI).

Three Things About Social Media

1. Social media is like meeting strangers at a BBQ. Some you will get to know, some you don’t want to know and most others will remain strangers. Just like meeting people for the first time, talking about yourself is not the way to make friends. Content is the currency in social media. Listen first, and see what you will or won’t say. Giving your location is never recommended. Think of this as a way to build a business network where adding valuable content to someone else’s day is the best way to gain a following.

2. Posting things on social media is posting things on the Internet, where they are fully public and potentially forever public as well as available on search engines.

3. Social Media provides more ideas per second than any other medium. Following smart, intelligent people that share your interests is valuable. Your conversations hopefully are mutually beneficial, and your focus is really dependent on your interest.

Listening To Social Media Without a Twitter or Facebook Account

The problem with not having a Twitter or Facebook account is you cannot filter out all the noise to consistently get the gems on Social Media.  The next section explains how to listen with an account, but here is how to listen WITHOUT an account. You can use the web addresses (URLs) below on most mobile devices as well.

1. TWEETGRID TWITTER SEARCH ON GLOBAL FINALS. Tweetgrid filters a lot of the activity on Twitter. Clicking HERE will bring you to a search specifically on Destination ImagiNation Global Finals content. WARNING: Some content may be spam, especially as we become more popular and there are no guarantees content is suitable for all viewers. [ Click Here for a version that also adds a NH tweet stream].



If You Have A Twitter and/or Facebook account, follow the accounts you are interested in by “Liking” the page on Facebook, or the “Follow” button on Twitter.