NH Destination ImagiNation Sends 39 Teams to Global Finals

For more info contact: Wayne Kurtzman  wayne.kurtzman@nh-di.org

Outstanding logic, creativity and out-of-the-box problem solving skills are sending 39 student teams from around the state to the world’s largest creative problem-solving competition, Destination ImagiNation Global Finals.

Saturday at Winnicunnet High School in Hampton, New Hampshire Destination ImagiNation held its State Finals competition where qualifying teams competed in judged challenges that incorporated core school subjects with a focus that is technical, scientific, arts-based, improvisational, structural or social-learning. These teams had advanced through competition around New Hampshire earlier in the month. What makes DI unique is that all solutions, including all ideas and construction must be done SOLELY by the team members, and not adults or friends.

These teams, now dubbed “Team New Hampshire”, range in elementary, middle and high school levels and will compete at “Globals” with 1,200 teams from virtually every state and Canadian province as well as over 13 other countries.

Destination ImagiNation Global Finals will be held from May 23 – May 26, 2012 at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Teams will meet one final time before Global Finals on May 4th to learn from other team members and team managers, as well as Destination ImagiNation officials who reside in New Hampshire about what they can expect at Globals.

NOTE: Photos will be available on Sunday.

The following teams are advancing in the level and Challenge. Special Awards are listed below. Complete listings of all teams are posted on nh-di.org.

Challenge: Assembly Required
Elementary Level
  Londonderry School, Londonderry, #130-32235
  Bicentennial Elementary School, Nashua, #130-76370
Middle Level
  Hollis DI, Hollis, #130-13597
  Chesterfield School, Spofford, #130-17251
Secondary Level
  Milford High School, Milford, #130-86946
  Nashua High School South, Nashua, #130-70655
Challenge: The Solar Stage
Elementary Level
  Auburn Village, Auburn, #130-99497
  McKelvie Intermediate School, Bedford, #130-25608
Middle Level
  Hollis DI, Hollis, #130-15387
  Windham DI, Windham, #130-12278
Secondary Level
  Bedford High School, Bedford, #130-55322
  Timberlane Regional High School, Sandown, #130-69544
  Segnet Team (Mascoma High), Enfield, #130-65663
Challenge: Coming Attractions
Elementary Level
  Bicentennial Elementary School, Nashua, #130-87774
  Lincoln Akerman School, Hampton Falls, #130-36618
Middle Level
  McKelvie Intermediate School, Bedford, #130-78018
  Nashua Catholic Regional Junior, Nashua, #130-12798
  2 GT Cooperative Middle School, Stratham, #130-38427
Secondary Level
  Hollis DI, Hollis, #130-93030
  Pinkerton Academy, Derry, #130-24623
  Inter-Lakes, Meredith, #130-51641
Challenge: News to Me
Elementary Level
  Birch Hill Elementary, Nashua, #130-11482
  Bicentennial Elementary School, Nashua, #130-85827
Middle Level
  Hampstead Academy, Hampstead, #130-21464
  Grantham Village School, Grantham, #130-46171
Secondary Level
  Londonderry School, Londonderry, #130-47527
  Lebanon High School, Grantham, #130-13022
Challenge: Hold It
Elementary Level
  Windham DI, Windham, #130-84612
  Highbridge Hill Elementary, New Ipswich, #130-55269
Middle Level
     Dover Middle School, Dover, #130-85231
     Milford Middle School, Milford, #130-97670
Secondary Level
     Windham DI, Windham, #130-28389
     Conant High School, Rindge, #130-77715
Challenge: projectOUTREACH: The World Canvas
Elementary Level
     Sunset Heights Elementary School, Nashua, #130-89322
     Riddle Brook School, Bedford, #130-11681
Middle Level
     Monadnock Regional Middle/Cutler, Swanzey, #130-80115
     WLC-DI, Wilton, #130-19634
Secondary Level
     Random Adolescents, Grantham, #130-77877
     Winnacunnet High School, Hampton, #130-81558
Special Awards – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
—DaVinci Award for Outstanding Creativity
This award is given for having a unique approach to a solution, for risk taking, and/or for outstanding creativity (not skill or talent).
Monadnock Regional HS
Challenge: Instant Challenge
Secondary Level
It’s not often that an Instant Challenge performance wins an award.  And even less often when it’s a DaVinci.  This secondary team wowed their instant challenge appraisers with a “multi”-dimensional solution to their challenge.  The unique interaction between three dimensional team members and two dimensional props was astounding.  This team produced a fully developed improvisational sketch that brought a unique perspective to the challenge and made for a truly memorable performance.
Interlakes HS
Challenge: Coming Attractions
Secondary Level
All in black and white and wonderfully evocative of the silent movie era, this cohesive performance simply and elegantly hinted at this film of unrequited love
— Renaissance Award for Outstanding Design, Engineering, Execution or Performance . . .
This team used materials provided to elevate the solution beyond the scope of the written challenge. They not only solved the problem in a way no other group considered, but they added verbal wit and knowledge to bring style to their solution.
Coming Attractions
This team effectively incorporated elegant simplicity in the construction of a beautiful scenic framework which allowed us to believe we were watching a real movie trailer that transported us to ancient Greece.  This was a smooth and well crafted performance.
CooperativeMiddle School
Coming Attractions
Out of the chaos of action, visual complexity, and sound this team created a masterpiece of tension and excitement evoking the essence of a modern action thriller.
Coming Attractions
A wooden, effectively lighted Eiffel Tower, made to scale, was only part of what wowed the appraisers.  Their cinematic effect simulating a burning house using electrical wizardry was truly impressive.
DoverMiddle School
Hold It!
The research and preparation that went into the performance was evident in the seamless integration of authentic looking period props and costumes.  We learned a lot about flight from their well researched skit that made a memorable and delightful performance
CooperativeMiddle School
Assembly Required
The appraisal team was dazzled with the complex mechanized solution delivered by this team.  From a complex, remote-controlled revolving parts organizer to a product organizer that picked up multiple products, this team’s engineering was truly outstanding.  It was clear to the appraisers that the team iteratively refined their solution, employing setup templates and teamwork to leave little room for error.
Hollis DI
Solar Stage
The team wowed the appraisers with a clearly presented and engaging story line that was well integrated with realistic and attractive scenery.  Their performance included a satellite enhanced by a realistic solar system.  The concept and execution of the multipurpose revolving backdrop and storage unit were models of simplicity and creative problem solving.
The World Canvas
The audience and appraisers were wowed while being taught about the importance and value of recycling through witty commentary, song, and dance. Scenery and props were all made of diverse recycled material, going as far as reusing cardboard from past DI performances.  Their passion and energy for their community shone through their flawless performance and wonderful storyline.
MonadnockMiddle School
The World Canvas
 This memorable performance began with a team created poem from a dog’s point of view.  A beautiful and well crafted dog house was rich with metaphor.  A food pantry and a realistically tiled roof added to the overall effect.  The needs of the dogs were represented on a well-crafted wishing tree which will remain in the Humane Society.
This team left us absolutely paw-struck!
—Spirit of Discovery and ImagiNation (DI)
Random Adolescents
The World Canvas
This team was DI personified!  They took the core skills of DI and reached outside their community to spread the message of self acceptance and confidence.  They created a model to teach girls about what they have to offer the world and.  Their hard work has shown amazing results.  It makes us proud to see this team  spread this message in the world.  This team screams “I AM DI”