You may have heard about Epping High School English teacher John Herman and his quest to go to Space. John is now one of 20 semifinalists in the Space Race 2012 contest. What you may not know about John is that he was on creative problem solving teams right here in New Hampshire. He is a NH-DI alumni who have given back, running improv training for Team Managers and Team Members. (A video of the Team Manager training is below).

Now John needs your vote to get into Space.

As part of the Seattle Spaceneedle’s 50th anniversary, the private Space Adventures, Ltd.will send one lucky winner into suborbital space travel. Over 50,000 people submitted entries. Now in the final 20, all John needs is your votes on the SpaceNeedle’s Facebook Page.

You knew our alumni were “out there”. Now you can send one of them way out there!

More About John:

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