In just a few short weeks, NH Destination ImagiNation regional creativity competitions will begin. Over 2,000 students from around the state will be competing in critical thinking, creative problem solving, teamwork and innovation skills.

The photo is from an Opening Parade, where teams/schools are introduced and enter into the gym. This is where the basic day flow is discussed. Also, last minute info for Team Managers and Teams if needed. (And it’s a great camera moment!).

Important documents to review BEFORE competition (like now) are:

– The Destination ImagiNation Travel Guide for Teams covers a lot of what you can expect (and need to know) at our tournaments.

– The NH-DI Regional Tournament Guidehas specific NH-DI information, tips, advice and the ever important forms!
Something we get asked is about the photographer’s form. That is for team photos taken the day of the event.

– The Forms from the NH-DI Regional Tournament Guide is a separate entry in the  Important Paper Library that have only the forms that are found in the Tournament Guide.

Finally, be sure to double-check your Challenge to make sure you have ALL the paperwork required!

Additional documents may be added, or these may be updated.

All documents are found in our Important Paper Library.Updates will be MADE ONLY THERE.