Empowering kids to use creativity to spur innovation is a key goal of Destination ImagiNation, a non-profit educational program. This weekend at Pembroke Academy, 30 new adult volunteer Team Managers from around the state, enough for 210 new students, were trained how to facilitate collaboration, teamwork, communication and creativity.

Photos from this event are located on the Photo Page.

“The Team Manager keeps the team on track … and facilitates the team solving the Challenge”, according to board member and New Hampshire Destination ImagiNation alumni Samantha Allen. “This is the ultimate ‘adult hands-off; kids hands-on’ program where kids build creativity, communication, collaboration and confidence.”

Last year, over 1,500 students took part in NH-DI creative problem solving programs and were well represented at Destination ImagiNation Global Finals, where the top teams compete in creative problem solving. During the year, teams of up to seven students solve team-selected Team Challenges that incorporate national learning standards and core school subjects with a focus that is technical, scientific, fine arts, improvisational, structural or social-learning. Teams choose one of six Challenges that seem interesting to the team. They also learn and practice “think on their feet” skills for the Instant Challenge portion of the competition.