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2011-2012 Team Challenge Summaries

A: Technical

Assembly Required

Better. Faster. Stronger. Make a better plan to fill orders. Use your skills to assemble products faster. Make equipment stronger than the competition’s. Don’t forget: everything has to happen just in time. Do it all, and leave nothing behind. Note: Assembly Required.

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B:  Scientific

The Solar Stage

Since the first sunrise, solar energy has shaped and fueled planet Earth. Now it is your turn to harness the sun’s awesome power in a new way… IN THE DARK! Can someone please dim the lights? It’s time to shine—on The Solar Stage.

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C:  Fine Arts

Coming Attractions

THE FOLLOWING PREVIEW HAS BEEN APPROVED FOR ALL AUDIENCES: Roll the opening credits, start the music, and cue the stars: characters from two nations. You haven’t seen a Movie Trailer until you’ve seen one live! Your team. In Coming Attractions. Playing everywhere this season.

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D:  Improvisational

News To Me

What if a “3-Foot Snake Found in a Child’s Locker” actually caused the “Gulf Coast Oil Spill”? On top of that, what if everyone involved with that story had ferrets for fingers? OMG, what a story! Toss in some cooperative human scenery and you’ll have a sensational tale to tell… DI improv style.

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E:  Structural

Hold It!

Hold that pose! Hold that thought! Hold onto your hat! And build a structure that can hold things inside while holding up weight! In this ultimate test of control, your team will deliver, captivate and Hold It!

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The World Canvas

Make a difference in your community by sharing your passion and delivering for your cause. Can you excite others to join your campaign? Grab your paintbrush, dip into service, exhibit your Project and Canvas the World!

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Rising Stars!®

Built to Last

At the Factory, your team is designing the last toy EVER to be created, but you all have your own ideas! How are you ever going to make up your minds on what toy to create? Will your team be able to come together and agree on the perfect toy? It’s up to you in Built to Last!

Since Rising Stars! is non-competitive, there are generally no clarifications issued.  Should this change, it will be posted here.


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