Whether you are a parent, Team Manager, Team Member or curious appraiser, these are some of the documents you need to know about.


  • How To Watch a DI Challenge 2011 (PDF)If you haven’t spent six months with a Destination ImagiNation Challenge, chances are you could use this summary that breaks each Challenge into one page. This is oversimplification, but it helps you know what you’re looking at!


  • REGIONAL TOURNAMENT PAGESNashua Regional | Kingston Regional | Swanzey Regional | Plymouth Regional

    No matter which one you are going to, your Regional Tournament Director has posted important information you need to know about. And DIrections to get you to the tournament as well.

    Besides, photos and results will eventually be linked from these pages too!

  • The Day Begins With A Parade!Experienced Team Managers know this, but ALL the teams line up before the Opening Ceremony and march in. Frequently they carry a sign with their school name (like the photo above). Morning announcements and updates are given to the teams and parents alike. (And yes, it IS fun!). See photos from last year’s parade at State Finals to get an idea of how this works.

  • Share your photos with us!They can be posted on our Facebook page or in our Flickr group.

    We will post NH-DI photos on our web site when they are available.

  • RELAX and HAVE FUN! You did the hard part already!