[ Photos now posted] Despite the risk of snow, hundreds of New Hampshire Destination ImagiNation creative problem solving team members from around New Hampshire took part in NH Destination ImagiNation Instant Combustion and Improv Workshop.

The annual event at the University of New Hampshire in Durham is training for NH-DI team members and stresses teamwork, Instant and Central Challenge strategies, improvisation and creative problem solving skills – and put together, it’s a great team-building event!

As Team Members learned new skills, Team Managers were able to sit down with the top Appraisers in the state for their Challenge, the Affiliate Challenge Masters.

Special thanks to all the Team Members, Team Managers, volunteer Appraisers and alumni, who conducted most of the sessions. NH-DI alumni are over 100,000 strong and part of the 1.3 million Destination ImagiNation network of alumni.

Special thanks as well to the amazing people at the MUB at the University of New Hampshire!