Brief summaries of the Team Challenge summaries are available at both the NH-DI web site and, but before your team can get started on their Team Challenge, they will need a copy of the full Challenge. This is a detailed description of the Challenge that is typically 8 to 15 pages in length. Access to the Team Challenges is restricted to teams that have been properly registered with international Destination Imagination headquarters.

You will receive copies of all of the Team Challenges with the printed program materials. If you have just purchased your Team Pack and haven’t received the printed materials yet, you can download an electronic copy from the Resource Area at as soon as you receive your Team Number. In order to access the Resource Area, you will first need to register with the site, and enter the Team Number that came with your Team Pack.

The current year’s challenges are available beginning September 1 to teams that are registered with Destination Imagination.

If you have trouble accessing the Team Challenges, please contact NH-DI, and we can walk you through the process.