The Rules of the Road is a book that explains the general rules that apply to every Destination Imagination team, regardless of the Team Challenge that they have selected.

It is very important for you to read the Rules of the Road. If you don’t have a copy, you can download an electronic version from the Resource Area at (you’ll need your Team Number when you access this area of the web site for the first time, so be sure to have this handy)

The first part of the Rules of the Road contains a brief description of Destination Imagination, and its goals, methods, and assessment processes.

The second part of the Rules of the Road describes all of the rules that your team must follow as they work on their Team Challenge. For example, there is a section to explain the rules about Interference, a list of safety restrictions, and the rules for calculating the expenses that your team must list on their Expense Report.

The third part of the Rules of the Road describes the procedures that will be used at your Tournament. For example, there is a description of the manner in which teams are scored.