2015 Team Managers’ Café

When: Saturday, November 21, 2015. Check-in opens at 8:00 AM. Sessions will begin at 8:30 AM, and should end by about 4:00 PM.
Where: Merrimack Valley Middle School, Concord, NH
Cost: $35.00 per attendee ($45 after 11/14)
Lunch: Bring a bag lunch or purchase pizza by the slice

Clip art for TM Cafe

This training event is designed for veteran Team Managers, Newbies, and Rising Stars! You will have the opportunity to choose from a fine array of well-seasoned and superbly prepared sessions.

To ensure sufficient hand-outs for all, register by Nov. 14th for this workshop!
Note: After this date, the registration fee will increase to $45.00

Resource books and Instant Challenge materials will be available for purchase at this training. You will want these books! Bring money, PO’s, or your favorite credit card! Other NH-DI necessities will also be on hand for purchase.

Our Menu

We will have a full menu of sessions for you!

For Newbies

For the newbies, we’ve got our all-new, revamped Newbie training for the day. Come learn from some of our most experienced trainers and team managers how to get your team from now to a solution without going (too) crazy!

Newbies should bring copies of the Rules of the Road and Roadmap with them. If you haven’t received your program materials yet, we will try to have a few copies available to lend out.

For Vets

For our veterans, we’ve divided the day into two portions. For the morning, we’ve designed a series of skill-based “train the Trainer” sessions where we’re going to share with you some techniques you can then share with your teams, with places to go for more information.  We’re calling it “Five Ways to…”

  • Charge it Up: Five ways teams can use lighting to enhance and embellish their solutions. (Careful, they might also be able to fix your light in the dining room when we’re done…)
  • Act Up and Act Out: Five acting and improv techniques your team can employ to improve their performances!
  • Make a Scene: Five cool things you can do with paint, and two quick-and-cheap ways to make a backdrop!
  • Use Old News: You’ve got newspaper? We’ve got cool ways to use it beyond lining your birdcage!

Your surveys were clear, and we listened!  So, for the afternoon, we’ve got 3 jam-packed sessions all geared at demystifying Instant Challenge. Learn what appraisers are really looking for, how to make friends with IC and make it your best managing tool, how to make your own awesome ICs to help your team learn how to master them, and more!  We’re hoping you go away feeling ready to turn your team into a bunch of IC Jedi Masters!

For Everyone

We’ve got an Ask Us… panel session for lunchtime, with our very own Jerry Kuhn as our host. A team of experienced managers and NH-DI officials are going to take your questions and attempt to answer them!

And we wrap the day with our traditional Challenge Master sessions, focused on this year’s challenges and any specific information or questions we can answer.

How to Register

You must register in advance. To sign up, go to https://www.nh-di.org/online, log into your existing account or create a new account. Bring up the Teams menu, and select the register for event menu pick. You will see a section labeled My Event Orders that lists your existing event registration orders, and a section labeled View or Add Upcoming events which lists upcoming events (if this is empty, it’s because there are no events for which registration is currently open). Click on the link for the Team Managers’ Cafe, and a page will appear with instructions on how to register for this event.

If you are unable to use the online registration system, you can also register by sending an email to questions@nh-di.org with the following information for each attendee:

  • Name, phone number, and email (if available)
  • School or organization
  • Event that they would like to attend (for this event, you’ll want to specify the Team Manager Cafe)
  • The Team Challenge that their team has selected (if known), and the competition level of their team (elementary, middle, secondary, Rising Stars)
  • Are they are a new Team Manager? If so, have they already been to the Newbie Workshop that was held in October?

Registrations received by November 14 are $35 per attendee. After that date, it will be $45. Confirmations and directions will be sent to you via email.


Just email questions@nh-di.org!