On Saturday, Destination Imagination (DI) Team Managers gathered at Bow Memorial School for Team Manager training. Both new and experienced Team Managers learned ways to help their teams build creativity, collaboration, problem-solving, and project management skills as they work on their STEAM-based Challenges. The Challenges have team-chosen focus areas including Technical, Scientific, Engineering, Fine Arts, Improvisational, and Service Learning. There is also a non-competitive Early Learning Challenge that allows participants to develop social and problem-solving skills.

Photos of this event are posted here

The training covered various aspects of the program including an overview, the global reach of DI, enabling teams to manage their Challenge solutions, and practicing and learning to lead the hands-on problem solving of Instant Challenges. Experienced Team Managers, NHICC (New Hampshire Innovation and Creativity Connection) members, and NH-DI Board Members from across the state conducted the training, many of whom have experience at the international level.

Destination Imagination (DI) is an international problem-solving competition. Destination Imagination Challenges are the guidelines for what a team creates. Team Challenges are open-ended, allowing teams to express themselves creatively and take full ownership of their solutions. Challenges are designed to teach the creative process—a system of learning that is at the root of innovation and a student’s ability to bring an idea to life. While solving these challenges, students build creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.
Teams are still forming, and you can learn more about forming a DI team here. Additional trainings will be available virtually. For more information visit: NH-DI.org or their Facebook page.