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After 30 years with the New Hampshire Gnome representing the creative problem-solving Destination Imagination program in the Granite State, the iconic mascot has had a facelift.

The New Hampshire Destination Imagination gnome, often called NHICC, has been at mascot days at ski areas, Fisher Cat games, and at three decades of Destination Imagination competitions where students compete in STEAM-based Challenges that build creative, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills. The original gnome, drawn by a student, was a nod to both the Old Man of the Mountain and the magic creativity and collaboration bring out in our students.

“Our alumni, who were once on teams when they were younger, current team members and our volunteers really wanted to keep the magical qualities of the gnome as our identity,” according to Wayne Kurtzman, NH-DI Volunteer Marketing Director.

gnome-with-nhdi-logo-2017-v3-w-blueThe organization also partnered with Southern New Hampshire University Marketing Degree in Three program to help execute the NH-DI vision. “It’s exciting to build on our own legacy and truly keep the fun and creativity in our message.”

“Adults and friends cannot interfere with suggestions, share ideas or help build the solution. The learning and creative process comes from doing,” according to Anna Maenhout, NH-DI Executive Director. “Today is about learning new ways to improve their teams and take ownership of the creative process and their solution.”

The New Hampshire company Brandit marketing solutions will also partner with NH-DI in creating new line of NH-DI gnome products. The store, in its early stages can be found here, at creativityshop.org.