Team New Hampshire 2013

Come the evening of Wednesday, May 22nd, Team New Hampshire – the top scoring DI teams in the state – will be watching the lasers and fireworks inside the Thompson-Boling Arena of the University of Tennessee with 20,000 of their newest friends. But tonight, the 38 teams from around the state gathered at Nashua High School North for the Granite State tradition: Spoil Your Dinner.

Teams practiced and shared Instant Challenge and team-building strategies, got to meet and work with other NH-DI team members and learned what to expect from team members and alumni who have been to Global Finals.

And then there was ice cream. And toppings. And lots of ice cream. And toppings. And yea, their dinner was spoiled.

And the good times have just started…

Updates on the page will begin shortly, and updates to the NH-DI Home Page as well!

Click for the photo album of this event