2021 Virtual Tournaments

Our tournaments provide a showcase for the creativity, problem solving skills, and teamwork that each of our Destination Imagination team developed by working on their chosen Team Challenge.

To ensure the safety of all participants, this season’s tournaments will be very different from the large regional and state in-person celebrations that we normally hold around the state.

Instead of a large one-day event, each tournament will take place over a period of several weeks, with teams submitting videos instead of presenting their Team Challenge solution in person. NH-DI will hold two events for our teams:

  • NH Showcase: This optional, non-competitive online event will begin on February 5th with the release of the Instant Challenge, and end several weeks later when the participating teams will receive their scores. The NH Showcase will be open to every registered NH team, and will replace our regional tournaments. Participating teams will need to submit a video of their Team Challenge solution to be scored. The teams will receive scores and feedback from our Appraisers, but because this will be an optional, non-competitive tournament, we will not announce which teams received the highest scores.
  • NH Affiliate Tournament: This year, every registered NH team will have an opportunity to participate in our NH Affiliate Tournament! The tournament will begin on March 5th with the release of the Instant Challenge, and end with the Closing Celebration and Awards on April 11th. All Team Challenge solutions will be submitted online, and teams will not present them in person.

The highest scoring teams from our Affiliate Tournament will earn the opportunity to compete with hundreds of other teams from around the world at Destination Imagination Global Finals.

In 2020, Destination Imagination decided to turn Global Finals into an online event. Over 600 teams submitted video solutions to DI’s first-ever Virtual Challenge, and you’ll find some of the best submissions on our Global Finals 2020.

DI Global Finals 2021 will be virtual this year, due to safety concerns of COVID-19.This year, although the event will be remote, will still provide unique educational experiences that are uniquely “D.I.”. Global Finals will be held in June, with special events and awards in July.  More details are available on GlobalFinals.org .

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