2019 DIve In Workshop



DIve In! is NH-DI’s annual training workshop for team members (formerly known as Instant Combustion).

  • Each team will participate in an Instant Challenge workshop
  • Teams will also have the opportunity to choose TWO other Skills Workshops from a variety of offerings
  • Team Managers: Register for a SPECIAL session with your Affiliate Challenge Master on understanding your team’s Challenge
  • We will also have a special session for Rising Stars! teams


  • Saturday, January 5, 2019 (Snow date is 1/6).
  • Check-in for the morning session will open around 8:45, and that session will end at about 12:40. Check-in for the afternoon session will open around 1:15 and that session will end at about 5:30.
  • Teams can choose to attend either the AM or PM session, or both!


  • Southern New Hampshire University, 2500 North River Road, Manchester NH. Click here for a campus map.


We encourage all team members to go to sessions that they’re interested in, and become experts on the topic so they can bring what they learned back to the team. EL and ML teams can break up into as many groups as you have chaperones, and SL teams can break up into as many groups as they’d like. The entire team will be together for the IC portion. Based on participant feedback from last year, we’ve worked to incorporate “intended audience” information, and some workshops have multiple levels.

Rising Stars have a special session planned for them!  It will be offered in the morning only and they do not need to pick sessions- we’ve got them covered!

  • Build-A-Prop Workshop: Having trouble taking your challenge solution from the page to the stage? This workshop will help you bring your performance to life with all of the essential prop and set tips! Learn the best and safest ways to use everything in your tool box.
  • Dumpster DIve: Turn your trash items into treasures! We’ll teach you how to get creative with trash items that are probably lying around your house. Be prepared to put your thinking caps on because there may be a challenge or two… (Fan Favorite! This will be similar to last year’s workshop, with a few new twists thrown in. Those who attended last year may wish to make a different choice- or not! It’s up to you!) Participants are asked to bring a bag of materials to work with.
  • Intro to Improv: Aimed at beginners and teams new to improv. This workshop teaches the basics of improvisation like teamwork, affirmation, performing, and fast paced critical thinking skills. This will be taught through group games and directed exercises.
  • Improve Your Improv: Continue learning the principles of improv with this workshop! This is geared towards improvisers with some experience, to hone in, improve team performance and on-the-spot thinking with group games and directed exercises.
  • Now You See It…: AFTERNOON EXCLUSIVE! What makes a good magic trick? —and what makes a good magic trick for a DI solution? (Hint–not the same!) This workshop will cover how traditional magician skills relate to DI presentations, as well as some resources to learn magic principles. This workshop is geared toward teams with some experience.
  • Spymaster Training: Sending and receiving messages such that only the right people understand them is a skill spies need to learn. A clever code can out fox your enemies. Too complex a code can mean that the message is not understood by your allies. In this workshop you will learn about codes: how to create them, how to use them, and how to crack them. You and your friends will be able to create and use ciphers to communicate messages secretly. Perhaps you will also see how the secret messages of others can be cracked by you so you too are in on their secrets!
  • State of Art(s and Crafts): Jump start your crafting knowledge with this course. We’ll explore a variety of crafting techniques including joining and cutting methods and material exploration to make your on stage designs safe to construct and stunning to behold!
  • Take the Stage: It’s show time! In this workshop, you and your team will get a chance to put your stage presence to the test. Break out of your box and steal the spotlight with helpful tips you can bring to your central and instant challenges. We’ve even got ways to fight those unavoidable performance time jitters!
  • Tech Talk: In this hands on workshop, we’re talking all things tech. From technical central challenge methods, to breaking down those tricky tech instant challenges, you’ll return to your team with all the tools you need to succeed. The ideas will be “flying” so buckle up!
  • Tell Me a Story: There’s a lot of storytelling in DI! Build skills to create a more cohesive story including elements of a good story, using dialogue, character development, and more.
  • Transition to Alumni: Did you know that DI can help you get into college, and succeed in college and beyond? Come learn from alums who have been there about how to best leverage your experiences in DI, and get a little preview of what alumni life could look like! Feel free to come with questions! (For high school sophomores, juniors, & seniors only!)
  • Up In Arms: In this workshop, you’ll learn an amazing stagecraft technique with endless possible variations! Sometimes called “robot arms” or “monster arms” you’ll create larger-than-life cardboard hands with individually articulated digits!
  • Up To The Challenge: So you’ve chosen your challenge…Now what? The clock is ticking and March will be here before you know it! In this workshop, your team will learn the best methods for reading the challenge (between the lines too!), time management, and how to achieve planning PERFECTION. This workshop is intended for newer teams!


Additional Information

  • Teams MUST come with 2 adults (one TM may wish to attend a special workshop).
  • The registration fee will be $10 for each team member ($12 after 12/28) for the half-day workshop, $20 for a full day. This can be paid through the CampBrain registration website, or you can mail a check. There is no charge for Team Managers or adult helpers accompanying the team.
  • Wear appropriate clothes to sit on the floor! We will move between buildings, so dress for the weather!
  • All of these sessions make for a long half-day! There will be a snack break, and your team is encouraged to bring snacks!
  • Questions? Email jenna.caputo@nhicc.org

Registration Details

  • Registration deadline has been extended to Dec 28! Workshop selection is on a first come, first served basis, so register early to ensure that you get your favorites!
  • SNHU will require a signed release form for each child. You will need to download the form, print out a copy for each team member, and have this signed by their parent or guardian. We will collect the completed forms at check-in.
  • Confirmations will be emailed with additional information and directions.

Register your team HERE. If you have any questions about the system, email jenna.caputo@nhicc.org and lou.mckenna@nhicc.org


Q. There are too many great options, how can we do more than two workshops?
A. You are welcome to come for the full day! In the morning, you’ll do two workshops and the IC session, and then in the afternoon you can select FOUR blocks of workshops! The cost per team member is $10 per half day, so a full day would be $20 per team member.

Q. I’m seeing different options for my team members who are in different grades–can my team stay together? 
A. We made an effort this year to group ages and experience levels together so that the content of the workshop can be tweaked to fit from one block to another. If you want or need to keep your team all together, let us know and we can override the grade levels within reason to register your team members all together!

Q. What is the timing for the Rising Stars workshop? Will it line up with the other workshops?
A. The Rising Stars workshop will be offered during the morning only, and will take the full time of the AM session.

Q. I was only able to register part of my team for a workshop they all want to do! Is there a way to squeeze them in?
A. In most cases, yes! Depending on the workshop, we are able to override the max capacity to fit in 1-2 more teammates. Just email us!

Still got some lingering questions? Reach out! jenna.caputo@nhicc.org and lou.mckenna@nhicc.org