2011 NH-DI Kingston Area Regional Tournament

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The Details

Date: Saturday, March 12, 2011
Snowdate: Saturday, March 13, 2011

Location: Sanborn Regional High School
17 Danville Road
Kingston, NH 03848-3059


More Regional Information

Welcome to the Sanborn Regional Tournament!  As your Regional Director, my goal is to make this meet fun and fantastic for all of our teams, team managers, and their supporters! I look forward to seeing your teams and celebrating their wonderful creativity!

2-Hour Volunteer

Please make sure that you enter and confirm your 2-hour volunteer for the day.  Each team must supply a person to serve a 2-hour shift, and the meet cannot run without them! Here is the process for the 2-hour volunteer schedule:

  1. I will be putting together the volunteer schedule this week.
  2. Team Managers will receive an email informing them of the schedule and how to find their volunteer assignment.
  3. It will be the Team Manager”s responsibility to let their 2-hour volunteer know their duty and time.
  4. On the day of the meet, the 2-hour volunteer should check in at the Information Table before their volunteer shift.

It is absolutely vital to the meet running smoothly that your 2-hour volunteer complete their assignment. I will make every effort to ensure that the shift is close to the team performance (without interfering with the performance itself) to make it as convenient as possible for the volunteer.

New Team Managers

So, you’re a new team manager. Your team has worked incredibly hard on their solution. You’re looking to the Regional Tournament and wondering, how will I survive? How will this work? Check the Read it or Weep Guide to Regionals for Team Managers, which is part of our featured content!

Rising Stars Teams

Rising Stars teams have a very special day ahead of them! Your team challenge and instant challenge are back-to-back, meaning that your team will go directly from their team challenge to their Instant Challenge.  Unlike the competitive teams, Rising Stars teams are encouraged to bring their fans along with them to the Instant Challenge!

Preliminary Schedule

The preliminary schedule is available to Team Managers and Coordinators by logging in to the NH-DI online site.  Go to the Meets tab and select the Kingston Schedule to see the preliminary schedule!  The schedule will also be posted on this page very soon.  Please note that changes may happen, and the only schedule that is official is the one on the day of the meet!

Stay tuned to this page for more updates and information as we approach the day of the tournament!

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