DIve In Workshops for 2024

When you register, you’ll be asked to rank your choices. We’ll do our best to get you into your team’s two favorite choices.

Showstopping Scenery

Take your scenery to new dimensions! In this workshop you’ll learn tips and tricks for using recycled materials to add dimension to your scenery and make the best use of your performance space.

Finding the WOW

You’ve solved the basic elements of your Central Challenge—how do you take it to the next level? Come to this workshop to learn how to WOW! the audience & Appraisers with finishing touches to elevate your solution.

Once Upon a TIME

You know what you want your presentation to be about, but how do you craft a story that will stick! Learn about how to tell a well rounded story within your challenge timeframe.

Cardboard: Outside the Box

Every DIer knows that cardboard can be your best friend! Come to this session to learn how to use cardboard in unique ways!

It’s Electric!

We’ll start with the basics of designing a circuit, then show some ways to light up an LED and make a motor move using a switch and battery. Depending on the skill level and needs of our audience, we may even go into more complex and programmed circuits.

Make it Stick

Duct tape, hot glue, super glue, grommets, brass fasteners, ties…there are so many ways to make it stick! How do you choose the right method for your materials? Come to this session to learn more, and do some hands on experimenting!

All Together Now

Every DIer knows that teamwork is key to success. But what does teamwork actually look like? In this workshop you’ll learn some fun ways to build a strong team that communicates and works with each other’s strengths, as well as tools to help unstick your brainstorming. **Back by popular demand! This will be very similar to last year’s All Together Now workshop

Tied to DI

Did you know that DI can help you get into college, and succeed in college and beyond? Come learn from alums who have been there about how to best leverage your experiences in DI, and get a little preview of what alumni life could look like! Feel free to come with questions! This is designed for students who are sophomores, juniors, and seniors in High School.

Intro to Improv

Learn some helpful principles of improvisation along with ways to improve your teamwork, creativity, and fast paced critical thinking skills. This is intended for those who have never participated in the improv workshop at DIve In before.

Improve Your Improv

After learning the basics of improvisation that help your team improve its creative process, this workshop takes those tips and tricks to the next level. This is intended for veterans of improv.

Much Ado About Singing

Get ready to hone your skills in storytelling and advancing plot through song and music with catchy tunes and funny lines. In this workshop we’ll learn about how to use song to advance plot and story, and how to make it interesting and entertaining!

Mane Attraction: Wigging Out and Whitty Masks

In this workshop students will unravel the art of wig and mask making with hands on activity and playful exploration! Through whimsical wigs and mysterious masks participants will discover the magic of self expression.