Southern New Hampshire University-SNHU Man Group-New Hampshire at Global Finals.

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Destination Imagination is a fun academic program that teaches creativity, problem-solving, collaboration, critical thinking, and management skills through project-based Challenges.

These are key skills that all businesses (and colleges) are looking for – the ability to identify challenges and solve them, while leveraging the talents on your team.

Designed to complement K-12 education, we offer seven new academic Challenges in the fields of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), fine arts, service learning, and early learning. In solving a challenge, students learn the creative process from imagination to innovation and the skills needed to thrive in school, their careers and beyond.

“D.I.” provides an opportunity for teams of up to seven students of similar grade levels to leverage their interests while learning the skills that businesses are in need of most – collaboration, creativity, and proven problem-solving.

It is most frequently offered in schools, community or homeschool groups as an after school activity.

Quick Stats

  • In New Hampshire last year, we had
    • 300+ teams including
    • 2,000+ students from
    • 200+ schools
    • 1,000+ volunteers
    • 110,000+ alumni who have been on teams
  • Globally, Destination Imagination had
    • Over 150,000 students from
    • 50 states and 30 countries
    • Over 38,000 volunteers
    • 1.6-million alumni globally

How Do I Form a Team?

Teams can be formed through schools, clubs or on their own. Teams can be made up of 2-7 members and must have an adult Team Manager (often a teacher or parent or several parents). For more information on how to start a team, click here.

How Much Does It Cost per Year?

On average, it costs about $50 per student per year. Add in snacks and materials and it will run a bit more.

The program runs from the fall through April. Teams that advance to compete with teams from all 50 states and around the world at Destination Imagination Global Finals continue to May.

For what students get out of the program – a lifetime of working outside the box, being creative, situational awareness and management, confidence and never looking at a challenge the same way again, it’s one of the best values in education!