Faster than Dripping Hot Glue,

More Powerful than a Mailing Label,
Able to stick things together like Duct Tape,
Look, up in the State (in Grantham),
it’s a Bird, it’s a Plane,

 Yes, It’s the “TRY DI” IC “SUPER” EXTRAVAGANZA!!!!!

On November 10th, we will be holding a “TRY DI” Day with multiple Instant Challenges to introduce our program to schools and groups considering starting teams, new teams, and established teams.  If we get enough teams signing up, we will have a Morning (arrive by 9:00, over by 11:45) and Afternoon (arrive by 12:15, over by 3:15) Session with 10-12 teams each.  Each team will do between 3 and 5 Instant Challenges and get feedback from NH-DI Officials – both Challenge Masters and Appraisers alike.


This is a great intro to the program – what it is like and what you can do in it.   There will be different types of Instant Challenges for each group/team to do and they will be presented in a timed tournament fashion.  The biggest differences are there might be another team trying to solve the same challenge in the same room and that the Appraisers will discuss the challenges and give teams feedback, unlike at a tournament.  It is a chance to learn or improve on Instant Challenge Skills and then transfer those over to the work on your Central Challenge.


Online registration is available at  (Create a login.  After logging in, go to the Events tab at the top and then select Try-DI on the left.)


Groups from New Programs will have first priority,

The New Teams will be next, and

Experienced Teams will fill in the rest of the slots.

Registration will CLOSE Thursday night and teams will be informed as soon as possible about the availability of spots.  Please plan to come join us.  The cost is $2.00 per member with a price cap for a group of 7 at $10.00 total.


The location will be at Grantham Village School (just off Exit 13 on I-89) in Grantham.


More details to follow, but let me promise you this, if you bring the energy, we will have a tremendous day together!