Team New Hampshire 2018

The following teams have qualified to advance to compete with the top Destination Imagination teams from 48 states and over 15 countries. They will be among the more than 8,000 of the world’s most innovative students at Destination Imagination Global Finals!

Click on the organization name for photos. 

Organization Team Name Level Town Number Challenge
Amherst DI Gabby Gang Elementary Level Amherst 130-66804 Change of Tune
Auburn Village School Brain Blasters Middle Level Auburn 130-22998 Unlikely Attraction
Bedford DI Mind Blowers Elementary Level Bedford 130-18135 Maze Craze
Bedford DI Team EMOJI Elementary Level Bedford 130-86699 Unlikely Attraction
Bedford DI Animal Brigade Elementary Level Bedford 130-82862 Change of Tune
Bedford DI O’ DIrony Secondary Level Bedford 130-59374 Change of Tune
Bedford DI Pioneers of Treasure Elementary Level Bedford 130-35082 Treasure!
Bedford DI The 5 Leaf Clovers Elementary Level Bedford 130-70735 Drop Zone
Bedford DI SSSSAM Middle Level Bedford 130-52443 Inside Impact
Bedford DI DI of the Storm Secondary Level Bedford 130-77261 Inside Impact
Berlin Schools Secondary Level Berlin 130-30661 Unlikely Attraction
Elm Street Middle School Shooting Starfish Middle Level Nashua 130-22823 Treasure!
Ernest P Barka Elementary School Elementary Level Derry 130-10672 Maze Craze
Gilbert H Hood Middle School Seven Shades of Awesome Middle Level Derry 130-07331 Maze Craze
Goffstown High School The Revolutionaries Secondary Level Goffstown 130-35832 Unlikely Attraction
Goffstown High School NUT Secondary Level Goffstown 130-42848 Change of Tune
Grantham Village School The Five Middle Level Grantham 130-69209 Treasure!
GRS Cooperative Elementary Level Gorham 130-20850 Unlikely Attraction
Highbridge Hill Elementary HHES Elementary Level New Ipswich 130-16399 Drop Zone
Hollis Brookline DI The a-Maze-ing Team from HB Secondary Level Hollis 130-32005 Maze Craze
Hollis-Brookline Middle School DI Private Eyes of DI Middle Level Hollis 130-28697 Unlikely Attraction
KHS (Keene High School) The Naturals Secondary Level Keene 130-15321 Inside Impact
Litchfield Ant Fame Middle Level Litchfield 130-22665 Drop Zone
Londonderry DI The Duct Tape Dudes Secondary Level Londonderry 130-82211 Maze Craze
Londonderry DI Team Unicorn Imaginations Elementary Level Londonderry 130-99048 Treasure!
Main Dunstable Elementary School Hexa Hawks Elementary Level Nashua 130-69137 Unlikely Attraction
Marlborough School Elementary Level Marlborough 130-58406 Inside Impact
Maude H Trefethen The Pandacorns Middle Level New Castle 130-74737 Change of Tune
Mildred C. Lakeway Elementary The Maniacs Elementary Level Littleton 130-25805 Inside Impact
Milford Destination Imagination Maybe Seven Secondary Level Milford 130-41406 Drop Zone
Monadnock Regional Middle High School Live Free or DI Secondary Level Swanzey 130-68586 Treasure!
Pinkerton DI Club DI for Dummies Secondary Level Derry 130-07466 Drop Zone
Saint Joseph Regional School Michele’s Team Middle Level Keene 130-46231 Drop Zone
Southern New Hampshire University SNHU White and the 7 Dwarves University Level Manchester, NH 130-22284 Treasure!
Sunapee Central Elementary School S to the Power of 6 Elementary Level Sunapee 130-00623 Inside Impact
Sunapee Middle High School Musical Knights Middle Level Sunapee 130-17797 Change of Tune
Timberlane Regional High School Secondary Level Danville 130-36827 Treasure!


The following teams qualified for Global Finals, but have opted not to attend:

Thornton Central School Middle Level Thornton 130-64922 Inside Impact
Bedford DI  Sit Down Commedians Secondary Level Bedford 130-65631 Treasure!
Chesterfield School The Fire Breathing Fingers Middle Level Chesterfield 130-96894 Maze Craze