Plymouth 2016 Regional Results

Plymouth Regional Tournament Results

New Hampshire Destination Imagination congratulates all the students who participated in the Plymouth State University tournament.
We think you are all winners!

The first 5 place teams are listed in place order,the remaining teams are listed alphabetically. Teams emphasized as such are going on to the
next level of competition.

A: Pace of Change

A: Pace of Change, Elementary Level

Rank Name Town Team Num
1G Patte’s Team, Inter-Lakes Meredith 130-91996
2G Team Murphy, Warren Village School Warren 130-23600
3 Krazy Krew, Gilmanton School Gilmanton 130-94380
4 Grantham Village School Grantham 130-70390
5 Experienced Navy Owls, Enfield Village School Enfield 130-49300
The Bosses of DI, Alton Central School Alton 130-74520
The Technical Smarties, Hollis Montessori School Hollis 130-32242
Dawn and Sue’s Team, Inter-Lakes Meredith 130-39515
Forgetful Fred and the Crew, Project PROMISE Bristol 130-30190

A: Pace of Change, Middle Level

Rank Name Town Team Num
1G Hover Cats, Lebanon Middle School Lebanon 130-01521
WITHDRAW Newfound Ideas, Project PROMISE Bristol 130-35501

A: Pace of Change, Secondary Level

Rank Name Town Team Num
1G Mascoma Valley Regional High School Canaan 130-36795

B: In Plain Sight

B: In Plain Sight, Elementary Level

Rank Name Town Team Num
1G GRS Cooperative Gorham 130-79320

B: In Plain Sight, Middle Level

Rank Name Town Team Num
1G Thornton Central School Swarm, thornton central school Thornton 130-06863
2 Merrimack Valley Middle School Concord 130-61598
3 Steph’s Team, Inter-Lakes Meredith 130-69163

B: In Plain Sight, Secondary Level

Rank Name Town Team Num
1G Bow Extracurricular Enrichment Program Bow 130-24547
2G Michelle’s Team, Inter-Lakes Meredith 130-81439
3 Josh and Me Attack Rabbits, Berlin Schools Berlin 130-28293

C: Get a Clue

C: Get a Clue, Elementary Level

Rank Name Town Team Num
1G The Passion Dancers, Project PROMISE New Hampton 130-60017
2G TCS Tonys, thornton central school Thornton 130-30003
3G Pink Panthers, Mildred C. Lakeway Elementary Littleton 130-68822
4 Bedford DI Bedford 130-89389
5 GVS Stars, Grantham Village School Grantham 130-49031
Berlin Schools Berlin 130-77191
Moosey’s Rainbow Wimpy Pie Monst, Enfield Village School Enfield 130-47275
Shock Bananas, Gilmanton School Gilmanton 130-00285
Heather’s Team, Inter-Lakes Meredith 130-50764
Creative Dragons, Inter-Lakes Meredith 130-71180
Krazie Kroo, Mildred C. Lakeway Elementary Littleton 130-12236

C: Get a Clue, Middle Level

Rank Name Town Team Num
1G Rhythmic Recyclers, thornton central school Thornton 130-37905
2G GRS Cooperative Gorham 130-63776
3 Roarin’ Ritzy Dolls, Warren Village School Warren 130-74751
4 Moultonborough Bandits, Moultonborough Central School MOULTONBOROUGH 130-38618
5 Kawaii Krew, Alton Central School Alton 130-35404
Berlin Schools Berlin 130-37650
Laura’s Team, Inter-Lakes Meredith 130-06833

C: Get a Clue, Secondary Level

Rank Name Town Team Num
1G Community Homeschool Group Canterbury 130-23902
2G Becky’s Team, Inter-Lakes Meredith 130-57108
3 The Newsies, Concord Schools Destination Imagination Concord 130-51463
4 MV Things, Merrimack Valley High School Penacook 130-19700

D: Close Encounters

D: Close Encounters, Elementary Level

Rank Name Town Team Num
1G Nerd Herd, Moultonborough Central School MOULTONBOROUGH 130-37377
2 Sparkle Crazy, Inter-Lakes Meredith 130-08676
3 Jess’s Team, Inter-Lakes Meredith 130-64166
4 The Seven Stars, Inter-Lakes Meredith 130-48943

D: Close Encounters, Middle Level

Rank Name Town Team Num
1G Felt-tipped Christmas Lights, Lebanon Middle School Grantham 130-25538
2 Tropical Fish, Rundlett Middle School Concord 130-70382

D: Close Encounters, Secondary Level

Rank Name Town Team Num
1G Omega, Shaker Regional School District Belmont 130-96787

E: Musical Mashup

E: Musical Mashup, Middle Level

Rank Name Town Team Num
1G The Dream Team, Alton Central School Alton 130-84808
2 Imagination Machine, Lakes Region Team Wolfeboro Falls 130-11997
3 The Wonders, Indian River School Canaan 130-61433

E: Musical Mashup, Secondary Level

Rank Name Town Team Num
1G Negative Points, Hopkinton DI Hopkinton 130-15546

projectOUTREACH: The Meme event

The following projectOUTREACH teams “showcased” their solution and will be competing at NH Destination Imagination State Finals

projectOUTREACH: The Meme event, Elementary Level

Rank Name Town Team Num
G Hot Pink Flamingos, Mildred C. Lakeway Elementary Littleton 130-74332

projectOUTREACH: The Meme event, Middle Level

Rank Name Town Team Num
G Grantham Village School Grantham 130-88324
G The Six Sevens, Berlin Schools Berlin 130-52426
G Food Frenzy, Project PROMISE Bristol 130-37655

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Special Awards

DaVinci Award

This award is given for having a unique approach to a solution, for risk taking, and/or for outstanding creativity.

Rhythmic Recyclers, Thornton Central School (130-37905)
Get a Clue, Middle Level

Everything that this team brought on stage was of the highest level of creativity and quality workmanship. Each of the many props, the costumes, and set piece exceeded our expectations for creativity, craftsmanship, and fine attention to detail.

The high quality use of items that would normally end up in a landfill was noteworthy. Every surface was beautifully decorated with recycled and re-used materials. This, along with their musical talent, truly brought their team name, Rhythmic Recyclers, to life.

Renaissance Award

This award is given for outstanding design, engineering, execution, and/or performance.

Thornton Central School Swarm, Thornton Central School (130-06863)
In Plain Sight, Middle Level

This team brought us into a magic place with a beautiful and well-crafted performance. We were totally blown away by the fine detail presented throughout this performance. This was truly a case where the sum of the parts made for a wonderful whole.

The appraisers were impressed by this team’s costumes, their use of materials, and the backdrop. All team members contributed polished performances in a refined presentation. The transition between scenes was also very clever.