2016 Plymouth Regional Tournament

Tournament Results are posted.

When: Saturday, March 12, 2016 (snow date March 13)
Location: Plymouth State University, High Street, Plymouth, NH
Tournament Co-Directors: Carrie Thompson (carrie.thompson@nh-di.org) and Dave Griffin (dave.griffin@nhicc.org)

Building Opens for Registration: 7:45
Check-in for Appraisers: 7:45
TM Check-in: 7:45 AM
Banner Parade and opening ceremonies: 8:20
Cakewalk opens: 12:00
Team Manager Tea: 2:00
Closing Activities begin: 3:30 (time approximate)

Check this page on a regular basis for schedule updates and other important announcements. This is also where we’ll post the tournament results and photos taken during the tournament.

March 6, 2016 :  Volunteer Schedule and PARKING Clarifications!

First, we know you’ve been waiting for the volunteer schedule. Here you go:

Plymouth Volunteer Schedule 2016

SECOND… Where do we PARK?  

You can park anywhere on campus, EXCEPT lot 204.  That said,  LOTS 301, 304, 214 are the preferred lots in terms of convenience and size. 

Parking is a little different for this meet, because we have TWO locations that are SPLIT. AllWell is down the hill, across the river from the main campus, but it’s a VERY short walk between!

  • Opening and Closing as well as ALL Get a Clue performances are at AllWell.
  • All other activities are up on the main campus; that is, they are across the river and up the hill.

So, you have a few choices!

  • Park at AllWell for the day and walk.  Recommended for ALL Get a Clue Teams!  This puts you where the action is for most of your team’s performance AND Closing Ceremony!
  • Park at the main campus and walk down for Opening, then move your car for Closing Ceremonies.  Recommended for  teams with early performance times in HUB or Hyde Hall! (Walking is quicker!)
  • Drive back and forth.  This works for teams that don’t have early performance times, but bear in mind that you’ll need to account for transportation time between.

Suit yourselves, as it were, or be creative and carpool between.  If it’s inclement weather (we’ve done our best to avoid a repeat of last year in Berlin!), we’ll adjust our start times a bit to account for your travel.

March 3, 2016 :  Almost Here!

Hi Team Managers and Plymouth team supporters!

We hope you are having a great season and that your teams are starting into the final countdown for the regional tournament!  We are really excited to see what your teams have in store for us!  We’ve been very busy getting ready for you!  A few important announcements:


The tournament schedule is here. You can click on the “Sort By” drop down to change the order in which the entries are displayed.

Location, Location, Location

Venue Locations:

Get a Clue/Opening/Closing – AllWell Center

Pace of Change/Plain Sight/Musical Mish Mash – Hartman Union Building (HUB)

Close Encounters/Change in DIrection/Meme Event/Instant Challenge – Hyde Hall

Food, Glorious Food

We are thrilled to offer a Meal Deal with the Plymouth State dining services!  $8/person gets you all-you-can-eat with pizza, burgers, ice cream, etc.!  Please consider partaking.

Questions or concerns?  Let us know and we’ll do our best to help you if we can!

Creatively Yours,

Carrie and Dave