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Global Finals is The Global Showcase for Creativity, Innovation, Critical-Thinking, Communication Skills

38 Granite State Teams to Represent New Hampshire at
Destination Imagination Global Finals!

UPDATE 5/26/13:

2013_global_winsTeams from Grantham, Lebanon and Auburn Village School were the big winners in the world’s largest creative thinking and problem solving competition, Destination Imagination Global Finals.  The Central New Hampshire Improv Troupe from Lebanon High School took first place in the World in the secondary level of the improvisation challenge while Auburn Village School scored third in the World in the elementary level of the technical challenge.

Other highlights:


  • ​Londonderry High School finished 6th in the World ​. The team has been together for 9 years and are now graduating seniors. (Secondary Level, improvisation challenge)
  • Windham DI finished 6th in the world (Elementary Level, technical challenge)
  • Dover Middle School, 7th in the world (Middle level, fine arts)
  • Milford High School, 10th in the world (Secondary level, structure challenge)
  • Hampstead Academy, 11th in the world (Middle level, improvisation challenge)
  • Strafford School, 12th in the world (elementary level, fine arts)
  • Pinkerton Academy finished 13th in the world (secondary level, technical challenge)

In all, New Hampshire teams took 17 of 20 top spots in the competition. Placements are by challenge and age group.  38 New Hampshire school teams competed against over 1,250 teams from 42 states and 14 countries.

**MORE Photos coming from the week and awards***

Team’s place is in the left column. Teams are listed by Challenge and age level.

Elementary Level A: Challenge: IN THE ZONE (Technical)
  3    Auburn Village School, Auburn, New Hampshire, #130-96073
  6    Windham DI, Windham, New Hampshire, #130-24717
 36    Bow Elementary School, Bow, New Hampshire, #130-77228
Middle Level A: Challenge: IN THE ZONE (Technical)
 17    Hollis DI, Hollis, New Hampshire, #130-47737
 31    Windham DI, Windham, New Hampshire, #130-94012
Secondary Level A: Challenge: IN THE ZONE (Technical)
 13    Pinkerton Academy, Hampstead, New Hampshire, #130-29525
 20    Nashua High School South, Nashua, New Hampshire, #130-60798
 38    Bedford DI, Bedford, New Hampshire, #130-28871
Elementary Level B: Challenge: WIND VISIBLE (Science)
 30    Lincoln Akerman School, Hampton Falls, New Hampshire, #130-09381
 33    Thornton Central School, Thornton, New Hampshire, #130-13137
Middle Level B: Challenge: WIND VISIBLE (Science)
 33    Bow Schools, Bow, New Hampshire, #130-26959
 38    Milford Middle School, Milford, New Hampshire, #130-56666
Secondary Level B: Challenge: WIND VISIBLE (Science)
 17    Conant High School, Rindge, New Hampshire, #130-78989
 23    Berlin Schools, Berlin, New Hampshire, #130-15040
Elementary Level C: Challenge: IN DISGUISE (Fine Arts)
 12    Strafford School, Strafford, New Hampshire, #130-39007
 18    Londonderry DI, Londonderry, New Hampshire, #130-34357
 20    Rindge Memorial School, Rindge, New Hampshire, #130-69582
Middle Level C: Challenge: IN DISGUISE (Fine Arts)
  7    Dover Middle School, Dover, New Hampshire, #130-29175
 31    Schools of Greater Nashua, Nashua, New Hampshire, #130-21534
Secondary Level C: Challenge: IN DISGUISE (Fine Arts)
 16    Conant High School, Rindge, New Hampshire, #130-90280
 20    Bedford High School, Bedford, New Hampshire, #130-24835
Elementary Level D: Challenge: CHANGE IN REALITEE (Improvisation)
 38    Nashua School District, Nashua, New Hampshire, #130-96604
 40    Danville Elementary, Danville, New Hampshire, #130-45535
Middle Level D: Challenge: CHANGE IN REALITEE (Improvisation)
 11    Hampstead Academy, Hampstead, New Hampshire, #130-27692
 13    Academy for Science and Design, Nashua, New Hampshire, #130-68941
Secondary Level D: Challenge: CHANGE IN REALITEE (Improvisation)
  1    Central New Hampshire Improv Troupe, Grantham and Lebanon, New Hampshire, #130-38433
  6    Londonderry DI, Londonderry, New Hampshire, #130-08801
Elementary Level E: Challenge: TWIST-O-RAMA (Structural)
 18    Milford Elementary DI, Milford, New Hampshire, #130-22440
 30    Hollis DI, Hollis, New Hampshire, #130-93953
Middle Level E: Challenge: TWIST-O-RAMA (Structural)
 20    Londonderry Middle School, Londonderry, New Hampshire, #130-52553
 36    Milford Middle School, Milford, New Hampshire, #130-06307
Secondary Level E: Challenge: TWIST-O-RAMA (Structural)
 10    Milford High School, Milford, New Hampshire, #130-38995
 35    segNET, Enfield, New Hampshire, #130-81800
Elementary Level Challenge: projectOUTREACH (Service Learning)
 25    Garrison Elementary School, Dover, New Hampshire, #130-04326
 33    Sunapee Central Elementary School, Sunapee, New Hampshire, #130-24626
Middle Level Challenge: projectOUTREACH (Service Learning)
 34    Monadnock OutReach Team, Swanzey, New Hampshire, #130-95354
 41    Windham DI, Windham, New Hampshire, #130-89731
 44    Rundlett Middle School, Concord, New Hampshire, #130-58111
Secondary Level Challenge: projectOUTREACH (Service Learning)


Above, Auburn Village School (3rd place) below, Central New Hampshire Improv Troupe, Grantham and Lebanon, New Hampshire , first place.



UPDATE 5/21/13:

25_AsmblyReq_WK337(Knoxville, TN) Members of Team New Hampshire started arriving at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville today, just one day before competition starts at Destination Imagination Global Finals.

After a mostly sunny day with temperatures in the upper 80’s, New Hampshire team member checked in, some visited the pools and others stopped by the Luau welcoming the teams. In all, over 1,250 teams from 42 states and 15 countries will be competing in open-ended challenges based in the arts, STEM and of course, creativity.

Wednesday features the opening of many venues, competition starting in the afternoon, and at 7:30PM EDT, Opening Ceremony. Watch Opening Ceremony live at Then check back for photos here!


In 2013, Destination Imagination grew to over 150,000 students in over 30 countries competing in the same Challenges done here in New Hampshire. The year started with over 300 teams in New Hampshire this year, but only 38 have earned the right to represent New Hampshire at Destination Imagination Global Finals in Knoxville, TN from May 22-25, 2013.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and learn about different people and cultures in an atmosphere that is unlike anywhere else in the world!

Teams will compete in Challenges that test their problem solving skills and ability to leverage their creativity, communication and collaboration skills. Each Challenge leverages core school subjects PLUS a focus that is based in science, technology, the arts,

improvisational skills, architecture or social-learning. These teams had advanced through competition around New Hampshire earlier in the month. What makes DI unique is that all solutions, including all ideas and construction must be done SOLEY by the team members, and not adults or friends.

Above, a photo of Global Finals opening ceremonies at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. This year, the competition will feature over 1,200 teams from around the US, Canada and the world, including Brazil, the UK, Mexico, China, Korea, Poland and many other countries.

Tentative Schedule: May 14th update

Click to download the Team NH Global Finals Schedule (May 14 ver)

Team NumberOrganizationTeam NameChallengeLevelTC DayTC TimeIC DayIC Time
130-21534Schools of Greater NashuaDI-nsteinsIn DisguiseMLWed2:00 PMThu2:18 PM
130-78989Conant High SchoolConant High SchoolWind VisibleSLWed2:18 PMThu3:30 PM
130-15040Berlin SchoolsBerlin High SchoolWind VisibleSLWed2:36 PMThu2:18 PM
130-95354Monadnock OutReach TeamMonadnock OutReach TeamReal To ReelMLWed4:06 PMFri10:42 AM
130-96073Auburn Village SchoolThe DI Mini MotorsIn The ZoneELThu8:00 AMFri1:24 PM
130-77228Bow Elementary SchoolKEEPBOKIn The ZoneELThu8:18 AMFri2:18 PM
130-47737Hollis DIBeware The Uvula (BTU)In The ZoneMLThu9:48 AMFri3:48 PM
130-24626Sunapee Central Elementary SchoolReal To ReelELThu10:24 AMSat11:54 AM
130-28871Bedford DIThe OxymoronsIn The ZoneSLThu11:36 AMFri10:24 AM
130-81800segNETTradigrades In SpaceTwist-O-RamaSLThu11:36 AMFri10:42 AM
130-29525Pinkerton AcademyHow Many Dragons Have You FoughtIn The ZoneSLThu11:54 AMFri11:00 AM
130-60798Nashua High School SouthThe Minnigh'sIn The ZoneSLThu12:12 PMSat1:42 PM
130-09381Lincoln Akerman SchoolDI-steinWind VisibleELThu2:18 PMFri3:12 PM
130-89731Windham DIPeople Saving PeopleReal To ReelMLThu2:54 PMSat10:24 AM
130-56666Milford Middle SchoolWind VisibleMLThu4:06 PMFri8:18 AM
130-58111Rundlett Middle SchoolBilly and the PineapplesReal To ReelMLThu4:24 PMFri1:42 PM
130-08801Londonderry DIAnd Then There were SixChange In RealiTeeSLThu5:00 PMFri10:42 AM
130-26959Bow SchoolsDINileWind VisibleMLFri8:36 AMThu8:18 AM
130-34357Londonderry DIThe FameIn DisguiseELFri8:54 AMThu9:30 AM
130-69582Rindge Memorial SchoolRindge Memorial SchoolIn DisguiseELFri9:48 AMSat11:54 AM
130-39007Strafford SchoolIn DisguiseELFri10:06 AMWed4:06 PM
130-29175Dover Middle SchoolDover DI In DisguiseIn DisguiseMLFri11:54 AMThu2:36 PM
130-24835Bedford High SchoolDuct Duct TapeIn DisguiseSLFri2:00 PMThu8:00 AM
130-90280Conant High SchoolConant High SchoolIn DisguiseSLFri2:18 PMThu8:18 AM
130-68941Academy for Science and DesignOh My Guava!Change In RealiTeeMLFri3:12 PMThu4:06 PM
130-96604Nashua School DistrictRealitee KidsChange In RealiTeeELFri3:48 PMThu3:12 PM
130-45535Danville ElementarySUPER FIVEChange In RealiTeeELFri4:06 PMThu12:48 PM
130-27692Hampstead AcademyParanoid SushiChange In RealiTeeMLSat8:00 AMThu3:48 PM
130-24717Windham DIThe Four RacersIn The ZoneELSat8:00 AMFri1:42 PM
130-38995Milford High SchoolNinja ChickensTwist-O-RamaSLSat10:42 AMFri12:30 PM
130-06307Milford Middle SchoolPandamoniumTwist-O-RamaMLSat10:42 AMFri8:54 AM
130-13137Thornton Central SchoolThe Puzzle PeopleWind VisibleELSat11:54 AMFri2:00 PM
130-38433Central New Hampshire Improv TroupeCentral NH Improv TroupeChange In RealiTeeSLSat12:12 PMThu12:12 PM
130-93953Hollis DITwist-O-RamaELSat12:12 PMFri10:06 AM
130-04326Garrison Elementary School5 Pease in a PodReal To ReelELSat12:30 PMFri10:42 AM
130-52553Londonderry Middle SchoolThe Duct Tape DudesTwist-O-RamaMLSat12:30 PMFri10:42 AM
130-22440Milford Elementary DITeam Epic FailTwist-O-RamaELSat12:30 PMFri10:42 AM
130-94012Windham DIDi-aestersIn The ZoneMLSat12:30 PMFri4:06 PM

Key Events are posted on the preliminary schedule.


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