Key Contacts

Position Name Phone Email Reason
Chair Craig Richardson 321-5189 affairs of the not-for-profit NHICC
Executive Director Anna Maenhout 603-315-0388 information on NH-DI program
Treasurer Sandra Hardy (603)801-8147 information on payments and bills

Tournament Directors
For tournament questions, contact the person responsible for your tournament.
Region Name Phone Email Tournament Date
Goffstown Lisa Gowern (603)340-4104 Goffstown HS, Goffstown, NH
Berlin David Griffin 603-466-2276 Berlin HS, Berlin, NH
Kingston Carrie Thompson 512-7643 Sanborn RHS, Kingston, NH
Berlin Amy Welch 603-723-3994 Berlin HS, Berlin, NH
Swanzey Daniel Whitney 731-2455 Mondadnock RHS, Swanzey, NH
states Lisa Gowern (603)340-4104 Bedford HS
states Craig Richardson 321-5189 Bedford HS

Affiliate Challenge Masters
For questions about the challenges, contact the person responsible for your challenge.
Challenge Name Phone Email
3-Peat Bruce Campbell 730-7073
3-Peat Edward Koonz 620-4498
In It Together Harvey Black 513-1228
In It Together Ric Haskins 491-5689
Instant Challenge Wendy Langelier 321-9113
Instant Challenge Laura Thielker 785-4038
Ready, Willing & Fable Jenna Caputo (603)505-7812
Ready, Willing & Fable Shari Kurtzman 682-1427
Save the Day Truda Bloom 770-1467
Save the Day Jason Kittredge 603-801-3026
Score Room Susan Correia 603-289-9659
Score Room Steve Greenwood 897-9618
Score Room Al Simons (603)860-0935
Show & Tech Kevin Hauser 6033210411
Show & Tech Walt Lewandowski 903-3501
Top Secret Steve Gilvar 479-7579
Top Secret Ellie Stetson 603-485-7853
Vanished! Sandra Hardy (603)801-8147
Vanished! Emily Richardson (603)759-0895

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