Key Contacts

Position Name Phone Email Reason
Chair Ellie Stetson 603-485-7853 affairs of the not-for-profit NHICC
Executive Director Craig Richardson 321-5189 information on NHICC programs
Treasurer Steve Greenwood 603-897-9618 information on payments and bills

Key Positions
Position Name Phone Email Job
Affiliate Director Sandra Hardy (603)801-8147 manage relationship with DIHQ
Tournament Manager Lisa Gowern (603)340-4104 coordinate NH-DI tournaments
Merchandise Manager Melinda Sines (603)568-3980 coordinate merchandise
Appraiser Coordinator Steve Greenwood 603-897-9618 manage appraiser assignments
Appraiser Coordinator Sandra Hardy (603)801-8147 manage appraiser assignments

Tournament Directors
For tournament questions, contact the person responsible for your tournament.
Region Name Phone Email Tournament Date
states Terri Behm (603)494-9733
states Lisa Gowern (603)340-4104

Affiliate Challenge Masters
For questions about the challenges, contact the person responsible for your challenge.
Challenge Name Phone Email
Built to Last Harvey Black 513-1228
Built to Last Bryce Broadhurst (603)490-0904
Built to Last Richard Haskins 525-3433
Case Closed Bruce Campbell 730-7073
Case Closed Edward Koonz 603-620-4498
Case Closed Gannon Pond 6032759836
Critter's Big Adventure Laura DesMarais (603)548-1523
Critter's Big Adventure Eileen McDonald 603-548-2593
Epic Remix Sandra Hardy 603-801-8147
Epic Remix Austin Pond (603)275-0655
Epic Remix Eric Sinitski (603)303-5115
In Theory Steve Gilvar 472-3241
In Theory Ellie Stetson 603-485-7853
Instant Challenge Amanda Seibel 603-568-9607
Instant Challenge Jane Welch 603-568-5538
Instant Challenge Daniel Whitney 731-2455
Project Podcast Jenna Caputo (603)505-7812
Project Podcast Cheri Federico 603-944-5170
Score Room Susan Correia 6032899659
Score Room Steve Greenwood 603-897-9618
The Next Level Wayne Hardy (603)672-5133

©2020   •   NH Destination Imagination; is a 501c(3)   •   All Rights Reserved.

©2020   •   NH Destination Imagination; is a 501c(3)   •   All Rights Reserved.