If you land on this page, in all likelihood you are an appraiser at one of NH-DI's regional tournaments.

From this page we will guide you to the information you need to know prior to attending one of our NH-DI trainings.  We know your time is precious.  By presenting this information using this website, new appraisers are introduced to the material and veteran appraiser can review it at their own pace. It ensures all our appraisers have a common background.

What you should study in advance of the training varies based on your appraiser role.  A link in the email you received announcing your appraiser assignment will take you to our website that will list your appraiser role.  Click here to see the instructions on finding your role if you don't know it yet.

There is some common material useful to all appraisers you should understand.  You can visit each topic by clicking on it.  These include:

  1. a couple of short introductory videos that describe the DI program and the role appraisers play
  2. if you have never seen a DI team presentation, here is your chance
  3. our perfect DI appraiser illustrates the approach we hope you will adopt as a DI appraiser
  4. view what your day of appraising will be like
  5. review the Appraiser Training FAQ (frequently asked questions) for details about when you need to arrive at training

Now that you have a basic introduction to NH-DI Appraising, you need to study a bit more based on your appraiser job. You need to read the section on your specific appraiser job and understand the areas of the DI rules that are important to that job.  We suggest you approach this as follows:

  • review all the appraiser jobs so you have an idea of how responsibilities are divided up
  • study the DI Rules
    • the introductory section explains how the rules are documented
    • the Golden Rules that drive the DI rules
    • the rules that are particularly important for your job -- these are listed in each role description

Good Luck and Thank-You for being an NH-DI Appraiser