Below is the sequence of events RCMs need to contribute to the week before a NH Tournament.





Score Room CMs

  1. freeze the schedule on site
  2. move frozen schedule to DIHQ Resource Area
  3. load all tournament appraisers for the tournament



  1. assign appraisers to scored items so they can practice (more here)
  2. email a link to each scoring appraiser so they can practice using the mobile client (more here)
  3. let non-appraising staff know they can check out the DI Resource Area to see their room at the tournament.

If Score Room CMs see no assignments by Wed morning, they will assign the appraisers items to score and email a link to each scoring appraiser.




  • Scoring appraisers should use the mobile device they plan to use at the tournament using the link email to them.
  • Liaisons, Head Appraisers and Prep Area Appraisers should make sure they can access the DIHQ Resource Area with the tablet or laptop they plan to use to monitor the tournament. (help on logging into the DIHQ Resource Area)


Score Room CMs

  1. will reset all entered scores from practice
  2. will provide the instructions for using the WiFi
  3. will work with each challenge room to see if there are changes in appraisers and/or assignments