On occasion your team has some special constraints on their attendance at a tournament.  It could be that a team member is in a wheelchair or that a team manager is managing more than one team.  We call these constraints Tournament Requests.  The website provides a way of letting the people that organize each tournament know about your team's constraints.

You can register a tournament request using the teams=>tournament requests menu pick.  Initially the website lists all your teams. Click the pencil icon to the left of the team to add or edit the Tournament Requests for that team.

The screen shot below shows 2 special requests for a team at the Goffstown Regional Tournament.  The first is a conflict with another team (already added).  The second is a physical special request concerning a peanut allergy that will be filed when the Add Request button is clicked.

The Tournament drop down will include the Affiliate Tournament if the team is advancing to states. Make sure you pick the appropriate tournament that your tournament request applies to.  We categorize tournament requests using the Kind drop down.  The intent of each kind is explained in the table Kinds of Requests.