The video below shows a team performing their solution at Global Finals.

Here is a bit of background:

  • the challenge is the 2014 Scientific Challenge: Going to Extremes
  • the introduction to the challenge:
    To solve this challenge, the team must research an Extreme Environment and present a Story about the need to adapt to survive there.  One or more characters will use Extreme Gear to help them adapt to the extreme conditions.  The team will also design and create and Environmental Depiction of their Extreme Environment.
  • Scored Elements included
    • How well the team depicted the extreme environment
    • Creativity of the Story
    • Technical innovation and design of the Extreme Gear
  • you are viewing a High School team that advanced to Global Finals
  • you will see a bit of the appraisers interacting with the team
    • an appraiser announces the team
    • you are watching the presentation much like a team challenge appraiser would see it
    • at the end of the video, you see the appraisers starting to engage the team to find out more about what went into the solution

video courtesy of team 147-27031 Gonzaga Prep, Spokane, Washington