Each team has a few roles filled by adults.  The Team Adults step lets you tell us who will be handling these roles for this team.

The roles are:

  • team number purchaser / owner
    This is the person that purchased the team number the team is using.
  • team coordinator
    The team coordinator typically is involved in coordinating kids from the organization into teams and pairing the kids up with team managers.  The purchaser / owner is the initial coordinator.
  • team manager
    Each team needs one or more team managers.  These are adults that guide the team as they determine the challenge they wish to solve and develop their solution.  Initially a team has no team managers.

The first screen shot below shows the Team Adults step at the start of registering the team.  The purchaser / owner and the coordinator are listed, but there are no team managers.  The coordinator is red because they have not yet agreed to the Code of Conduct.  The Code of Conduct is a statement we ask all coordinators and team managers to accept.  You can read more about it here. The background will change from red to green once the Code of Conduct is accepted.  In the red state, there is also an icon in the Code column.  This will send an email to the person asking them to accept the Code of Conduct.

The second screen shot shows the Team Adults step after a team manager was added by clicking the Add Team Manager button.  In this screen shot the coordinator has accepted the Code of Conduct but the team manager has not.

Note that any of the people listed here should be able to assist in this process of registering the team.