Safety is an area where it is really best to actually read the Rules of the Road (see copy) as paraphrasing the rules misses the nuances.  The Safety Section is only a few pages, so you should read the it before appraising at a tournament.

Appraisers need to actively monitor team presentations for safety issues.  A good prep area appraiser will spot potential problems and give the rest of the appraiser team a heads-up to watch for specific issues.

If appraisers see the team acting in a way that will harm members of the team or others at the tournament, they are obligated to intervene and stop the team.  The trick is not to act too quickly.  The safety section is your friend here as it outlaws a number of potentials including:

  • foot coverings: the kids must wear foot coverings that will protect sharp objects from penetrating the bottom of their feet
  • laser pointers: due to the potential of being flashed in people's eyes, laser beams and other high intensity beams of light are forbidden
  • aerosol-propelled paint: not allowed at the tournament site
  • fire and smoke: these are not allowed whether they be candles, internal combustion engines, fireworks, fire extinguishers, smoke machines or party poppers
  • no live animals: team members are excluded
  • chemicals: kids need to be aware of what chemicals they are mixing (read the section)
  • electricity: both AC and DC are allowed.  Batteries need to be spill-proof.  There are restrictions on voltage and amperage (read section)
  • firearms, weapons and violence: (read section)

The use of certain items depends on who is hosting the tournament.  Certain schools have specific policies that need to be followed that may or may not allow:  

  • dry ice
  • helium balloons
  • zero tolerance around violence

DI's safety restrictions are designed to be additional restrictions above and beyond those of the hosting site.