Rising Stars is the non-competitive level of the Destination Imagination program.  The kids presenting at this level are typically in kindergarten through second grade.

Rising Stars has Prep Appraisers, Team Challenge Appraisers, Instant Challenge Appraisers and Head Appraisers.  They all perform much the same jobs as in their competitive equivalents:

  • prep appraisers get the team ready to do their presentation
  • team challenge appraisers watch the presentation to give the team positive feedback (including sticky notes)
  • head appraisers try to keep the room moving forward on schedule

However, no scores are awarded (there are no points in the Rising Stars challenge).  While safety is important, if a team has interference or goes over 8 minutes to present, this is pointed out as area to improve on for next time.

The sections of the Rules of the Road that are particularly important to rising stars appraisers are: