Prep Area Appraisers greet the teams and Team Managers. They are the Personality Plus people. They help the team to make sure they have everything they need and make sure the solutions are safe. They receive and carefully review the team paperwork, check to make sure that their props and materials are in compliance and discuss any concerns. They review interference with the team and ask them about their understanding of interference. They serve as positive and encouraging cheerleaders for the team and quiet their nerves, help them to relax, and have fun. They alert the Head Appraiser to any issues that are of concern. Since this appraiser is the first Tournament Official that the team meets, the Prep Appraiser must be very friendly, fair, gentle, patient, and well organized.

  • Set up the Prep Area
  • Greet and relax the teams
  • Collect and check over all required paperwork, props and other required items
  • Talk with the team about Interference and collect the signed Declaration of Independence
  • Review the team’s Expense report
  • Inform the team about the presentation site
  • Take the team to the launch area
  • Utilize the Prep area checklist (see sample)
  • Write positive "sticky" note comments for each team
  • Keep notes to help identify and remember each team and any special or unique aspects

More details and responsibilities will be explained at the Prep Area session at Appraiser Training. Additional requirements for the challenge may be included at the session for the specific challenge they are appraising.

Starting in the 2020 DI Season, teams can manage their Tournament Data Forms and Team Clarification Online. This important document that Prep Area Appraisers review with the team can now be printed or viewed online (more here).

The sections of the Rules of the Road that are particularly important to prep are: