NH-DI is piloting Online Tournament Data Forms (TDFs) in 2020.

Teams have 3 choices:

  1. they can fill-out a TDF online - the appraisers will then see it on their Mobile Client
  2. they can fill-out a TDF online and print out 6 copies
  3. they can use the traditional paper TDF and create 6 copies

We are encouraging #1.  #2 will be more readable than #3.

Teams can edit their TDF right up to the point the first appraiser submits scores for their team. At that point it will be locked until after the tournament unless an official unlocks the TDF.

Here are more detailed descriptions of TDFs:

We will provide some blank TDFs that the Prep Area Appraiser could use if their is a last minute change.  We suggest this TDF show just the changes made in prep.