As an Appraiser you will likely need to provide a subjective score on a team's creativity in one or more areas.  For example:

  • how creative was the team's story?
  • how creative or original was a team choice element?
  • how innovative was a technical part created by the team?

As we described earlier, you are being asked to supply your opinion.  These kinds of team scores will be the average of two or appraisers opinions.

So how do you score items like this?  Many new Appraisers have found the following rubrics (aka guidelines) helpful.  They assist in making your scoring consistent for a set of teams.

We provide a rubric for the following topics:

The rubrics help you bracket a scoring item initially into a range.  From there you need to refine whether the solution is at the top, middle or bottom of the range and assign a score accordingly.  All of these items are scored in a range of 1-30 points.  Zero is reserved for items that don't appear in the solution.  If you look at the points awarded in the challenge they generally are not 1-30.  DI has found that giving appraisers a consistent scoring range works best for Appraisers. The DI Scoring Program knows how to scale this consistent 1-30 range used by Appraisers to the point range described in the Challenge.

With this in mind here is a chart that suggests a point range for the scoring ranges in the rubrics.