You have been asked by someone to be an Appraiser for NH-DI.  If you accept, what have you signed up to do?

Hundreds of teams of kids participate in DI each year across the state of NH.  Each team will be solving 2 types of challenges:

  • a team challenge that they solve over the course of multiple weeks
  • an instant challenge that they need to solve in the moment

The teams first get an opportunity to show their work at one of our Regional Tournaments in March.  At that time, they will

  • have about 8 minutes to show their solution to a team challenge
  • have about 5-10 minutes to develop and show their solution to an instant challenge

Since our program is a competition, we need judges (we call them Appraisers) to evaluate the team solutions. So you are signing up to be a part of a team of Appraisers that will evaluate the team solutions.

Digging just a bit deeper, as an Appraiser

  • you will appraise ONE of the following
    • one of the 7 team challenges DI is offering for the current year
    • OR an instant challenge
    • OR work in our score room that tabulates the results
  • you will appraise at ONE of our Regional Tournaments that are located around the state in the month of March
    • you will most likely be interested in a tournament near where you live
    • if you have a child competing, you likely want to pick a tournament where your child is not competing as you will not appraise your own children and thus likely would miss when they are performing since you are appraising elsewhere
  • you will be a member of an Appraiser team
    • some appraisers assign scores, some do not
    • we will provide a required day of training to make sure you are ready
    • we will have experienced people on each appraiser team that will help guide the Appraiser team
  • your time commitment
    • about 2/3 of a Saturday to attend a training (late Jan, early Feb)
    • a full Saturday at a Regional Tournament appraising teams

You sign up to be an Appraiser using our website. If you don't already have an account you will need to create one (more on creating an account).  Once you have an account, you will fill out an Offer to Appraise where the website will collect your preferences so we can place you on an Appraiser team (more here).