The Instant Challenge Appraisers watch teams solve on-the-spot challenges that they do not know about in advance in a very limited amount of time .  These appraisers have an eye for observing spontaneous creativity, teamwork, and effort. They should be genuinely interested in watching the creative process unfold, be consistent, fair, upbeat and enjoy interacting with the teams.

  • IC appraisers may function as Instant Challenge appraisers, time keepers, escorts, announcers, etc.
  • Usually there are three appraisers on an Instant Challenge Appraisal team
  • They are responsible for timing, evaluating, and scoring each team's Instant Challenge performance
  • The appraisers do not know anything about the Instant Challenge they will be appraising until the morning of the Tournament
  • They will need to be at the Tournament site early – as determined by the Instant Challenge RCMs
  • They should be watching closely, take notes following each performance, and looking for outstanding demonstration of risky solutions, and creativity in noteworthy performances
  • They will discuss, as a team, any award worthy performances
  • They will fill out the Award Nomination forms


More details and responsibilities will be explained at the Instant Challenge sessions at Appraiser Training. Additional requirements for Instant Challenge may be included at the session.

The sections of the Rules of the Road that are particularly important to instant challenge appraisers are: