Confirm is the final step in the process.

If you have not supplied all the information we need, you will see a page like the first screen shot below with a list of information that still needs to be supplied. In this example the challenge the team is solving has not been supplied.  The team manager Saurin Shroff has not agreed to the Code of Conduct.  Clicking on the status (ie fix) in the Status column will take you to the step where you can address this problem.

The Make Me Payer button allow you to place any of the team charges (such as the no appraiser fee) on your account.

The second screen shot shows the Confirm step if you have supplied all the information required.  Click Confirm button to complete your team registration.  This will send an email to the coordinator and team managers acknowledging the completion of the team registration.

If you have charges to pay, choose the menu pick my account=>make payment to pay these charges.

After confirming your team's registration you can still make some changes to your registration.  Other changes such as your team's challenge are disabled.  If you need to make changes that are disabled, give us a call (Affiliate Director Anna Maenhout ( or 603.868.2140x 700)).