What should I bring to the Appraiser Training?

In terms of paperwork, bring

  • your assignment (ie the Challenge you will be appraising, the tournament(s) where you will be appraising, and your appraiser job)
  • if you are an appraiser for one of Team Challenges, a copy of the challenge

Both of these can be obtained from the NH-DI online registration website (http://nh-di.org/online). This is the site where you offered to appraise. If you go to the Appraisers tab (top) and then view my assignment (left), a page with your assignment will be displayed. To the right of Challenge Details, you will see a link to a copy of your challenge.

If your training requires you to be at training for much of the day, think about lunch. NH-DI offers pizza for a nominal charge. If you would prefer something else, you should bring it. There is not enough time alloted for lunch to leave the training site.