The Appraiser / Volunteer step lets you tell us the person that will be supporting your team at our regional competitions.

This step is important in that it has financial consequences.

  • if you supply us with an appraiser, there is no additional charge
    An appraiser needs to dedicate a reasonable amount of time to the program.  In addition to reading about their job, they need to attend a Saturday training and appraise for a full Saturday at a regional tournament.
  • if you supply us with a volunteer to work all day at your regional tournament, there is a charge of $60
    The commitment of a volunteer is to work for the full Saturday at the team's regional tournament.
  • if you supply no one, there is a charge of $175

After making your choice, you can supply your Appraiser or Volunteer's name using the Select Person button.

This step is a bit complicated in that it involves coordinating with the Appraiser / Volunteer.  They must agree to fulfill the role of appraiser or volunteer.  They need to log into this website to do this.  In the case of an appraiser, they will also need to supply us with their preferences as an appraiser.  The Email Person button is designed to help here.  It will email the person letting them know that you have selected them and the next steps they need to take.  You can see if they have taken the appropriate steps by monitoring the Status in the Your Choice area.  The possible statuses are:

  • confirmed: the person has confirmed they are willing to assist the team
  • unconfirmed but has account: the person has an NH-DI account but has NOT confirmed they willing to assist the team
  • unconfirmed but no account: the person has not yet created an NH-DI account and thus has NOT confirmed

To help you find an Appraiser, we have listed people that have appraised in the past and live in your town.  Before any of these people can be your Appraiser, you need to contact them and ask if they are willing to do this for your team.

In the screen shot below, a team has chosen to supply an appraiser (thus no extra charge).  This person has not yet acknowledged that they are willing to be the team's appraiser.