NH-DI Outreach

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NH-DI Outreach Areas Map ThumbnailIn order to provide the best possible support for local Destination Imagination programs, we have divided New Hampshire into 7 Outreach Areas. The Outreach Coordinators in each area are responsible for assisting local DI programs in their part of the state, reaching out to new schools and organizations, and assisting in local fundraising efforts.

If you are thinking of starting a new Destination Program, or if you will be replacing the previous DI coordinator for your school or organization, thank you so much for doing this! Please contact your local Outreach Coordinators, because their mission is to assist you in any way they can, so as many students as possible can have the opportunity to participate in Destination Imagination.

We can help new or existing DI programs in many different ways. Do you need handouts or flyers to give to interested parents and students? Could you use someone to help run a DI Information Night for your parents and kids? We have volunteers who have done this many times. Would you like to borrow one or two of our big display banners to use at a booth? Please ask!

How to Reach Us

We are still looking for volunteers for certain areas of New Hampshire. If there is no one listed for your area, please contact Carrie Thompson or Dave Griffin (Outreach Committee Co-Chairs) if you need assistance, or just have questions for us. You can also email us at questions@nh-di.org, or call the NH-DI Hotline at (603) 868-2140 or toll free (877) 342-2234.

NameEmail @nh-di.orgPhoneResponsible For
Carrie ThompsonCarrie.Thompson(C) 759-0641Outreach Committee Co-Chair
Dave GriffinDave.Griffin(H) 466-2276 Outreach Committee Co-Chair
Anne KoppAnne.Kopp(C) 759-0461North Country Outreach Co-Coordinator
Dave GriffinDave.Griffin(H) 466-2276 North Country Outreach Co-Coordinator
(Seeking volunteer)--Lakes Region Co-Coordinator
Dave GriffinDave.Griffin(H) 466-2276 Lakes Region Co-Coordinator
Tomieka ChildsTomieka.Childs(C) 305-2013Dartmouth-Sunapee Co-Coordinator
Dave GriffinDave.Griffin(H) 466-2276 Dartmouth-Sunapee Co-Coordinator
Helene BickfordHelene.Bickford(C) 762-8177Monadnock Area Co-Coordinator
Melinda SinesMelinda.Sines(C) 568-3980Monadnock Area Co-Coordinator
(Seeking volunteer)--Merrimack Valley North Co-Coordinator
(Seeking volunteer)--Merrimack Valley North Co-Coordinator
(Seeking volunteer)--Merrimack Valley South Co-Coordinator
(Seeking volunteer)--Merrimack Valley South Co-Coordinator
Reg FitzgeraldReg.Fitzgerald(C) 502-8563Seacoast Area Co-Coordinator
Wayne MoultonWayne.Moulton(C) 828-7873Seacoast Area Co-Coordinator