2023 NH Affiliate Tournament Survival Guide

success-md Congratulations to your team! We’re really looking forward to seeing them at the NH Affiliate Tournament!

The tournament will be held at Bedford High School on March 25, 2023. Please try to check the Affiliate Tournament home page occasionally, because this is where any announcements about the tournament will be posted.

Most of the information in the NH-DI Regional Tournament Survival Guide also applies to the Affiliate Tournament, so we won’t repeat it here. Instead, we’ll just mention a few things that are a little different for the Affiliate Tournament.

Registering Your Team

No need to do this! We already have a list of the advancing teams. If you are NOT planning to attend the tournament, please email Craig and Terri so we’ll know not to include a spot for your team in the tournament schedule.

Special Scheduling Requests

Special scheduling requests (if truly compelling) must be sent via email to Craig and Terri (craig.richardson@nhicc.org, terri.behm@nhicc.org) by Sunday, March 19, 2023. Please include your team number. If your team will arrive late or must leave early, we’d like to know the time when you will all arrive, or when you will need to leave. “Early in the day” isn’t nearly as helpful as “before 11:00 AM.”

When we plan the tournament schedule, we’ll assume that all teams will be at the tournament for the entire day, unless they’ve already notified us about a serious schedule conflict.


Teams are not required to provide an Appraiser for the Affiliate Tournament. Instead, our Challenge Masters will recruit Appraisers from those who were trained for our regional tournaments. The Appraiser that your team furnished earlier might receive an email or phone call from our Challenge Masters to see if they’d like to do this, but there is nothing that Team Managers will need to do.

Two-Hour Volunteer

When your team registered for your regional tournament, you had to supply a two-hour volunteer. It’s exactly the same for the Affiliate Tournament. We need a lot of people to run a tournament, so we require each team to supply a two-hour volunteer.

There is one important difference, though. There wouldn’t be enough time available after the regional tournaments for each volunteer to register online. Instead, we’ll publish a two-hour volunteer schedule that includes only the team name, team number, and the volunteer assignment. You’ll just need to find a volunteer who can report for work at your team’s assigned time. Your volunteer can be any adult who can be available for the entire time (no job sharing, please).

Improvements in Team Challenge Solutions

Teams may continue to refine, or even totally replace, their Challenge solution at each level of competition. However, any changes must be completely original, and may not be an adaptation of something that was presented at an earlier tournament by another team.